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January 09, 2009


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Lee Featherby

This is excellent work but it must be put in context: ALL powerpoint does is support the efforts of the most important visual: the speaker. The best speaker I ever saw, (Steven Lefevre) taught a group of poorly educated (9 years average schooling)all about how to read a Balance Sheet & P&L. That must be one of the drient subject around!. It took over three days and he held them transfixed, motivated and, most importantly, they left educated. He did this with just an overhead projector, some preprepared overheads and a few marker pens. I run Australia's leading presentation design house, PowerfulPoints, and I always tell my clients that if they rely on the slides to do the work, they will sadly fail. Ill back a good presenter with no slides over a dud with good slides any day.

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